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We buy houses in Plattsmouth, NE in any condition. It’s fast, easy, and stress-free.

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  • No agent commissions/fees
  • We pay 100% of closing costs
  • We handle cleaning & repairs

We’ll make a fair cash offer on your home as-is and try to beat any existing offer. Selling your home fast is as easy as that!

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Andrew Helling, owner of Helling Homes, a company that helps you sell your house fast in Plattsmouth NE

We’re the Plattsmouth Cash Home Buying Experts

I’m Andrew Helling and I founded Helling Homebuyers, a local property investment company. We pay cash for houses and land in and around Plattsmouth, working with local homeowners and landlords who are looking for an easier way to sell. I grew up in Omaha and have worked in real estate since 2014. 

I was in your position when I had to sell a relative’s home. It was hard to find a fair cash offer locally. That’s why I promise to treat you with fairness and respect, making the best cash offers I can when you’re ready to sell.

Learn more about my company and background here.

How to Sell Your House Fast in Plattsmouth, NE

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After our walk-through, you’ll get a fair, all-cash offer.

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Think it over and decide if you’ll accept.

Cash that you got from selling my house fast in Plattsmouth. We buy houses for cash at Helling Homebuyers

Meet us at a local title agency to close.

Yes, selling your house in Plattsmouth for cash can be that easy! We’ll offer a fair cash price for your home and close in 7-14 days (or as soon as you’re ready). No repairs, closing costs, or agent commissions — just a fast, stress-free sale.

We Buy Houses in Plattsmouth, NE

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The Helling Advantage

Traditional Sales
  • Pay agent fees & commissions
  • Annoying open houses & showings
  • Deal with high-stress negotiations
  • Costly presale repairs & cleaning
  • Closing can take up to 3 months
Working With Us
  • No seller fees, no commissions
  • Avoid showings & open houses
  • Fair, fast cash offer with no haggling
  • Sell your home as-is, no repairs
  • Close in as little as 7-14 days

Helling Homebuyers is a local cash homebuyer that makes it easy to sell your home in Plattsmouth fast. We help Cass County sellers avoid a time-consuming, costly traditional sale and get paid cash for their home in any condition. We’ll take care of the cleaning, home repairs, and closing costs!

We Buy Houses in Any Condition. For Any Reason.

Cash that you got from selling my house fast in Plattsmouth NE. We buy houses for cash at Helling Homebuyers

Cash needed to ease financial difficulties.

Icon of a truck with a house on the back for a section on why somebody would want to sell their house fast in Plattsmouth to our company

Relocating for career, family, or lifestyle shift.

Rent sign pictured for a section on tired landlords on the homepage of Helling Homebuyers, a local we buy houses in Plattsmouth company

Looking to get out of rental property management.

Repair tools needed for a run-down home pictured for a guide on reasons we buy houses in Plattsmouth and make fast cash offers

Unable to front the cost for repairs/remodeling.

Icon of rings breaking up to symbolize divorce, a reason someone would sell their house fast in Plattsmouth NE to Helling Homebuyers

Selling the home for asset division in separation.

Icon of home keys that are on a keyring pictured for a reason that someone would want to sell their house Plattsmouth Nebraska fast for cash

Selling unwanted inherited property fast for cash.

Icon of a gavel to symbolize foreclosure, a bank repossession that Helling Homebuyers can help with as a cash homebuyer. We'll help you sell your house fast in Plattsmouth regardless of the situation

Looming foreclosure requires a quick home sale.

Downsizing icon for a homepage of Helling Homebuyers, an Omaha-based we buy houses company that makes it easy to sell your house fast in Plattsmouth

Moving to a smaller/more affordable living space.

We buy houses in the Plattsmouth area with cash, no matter why you’re selling. Things happen and if a fast home or property sale can help you right now, we’re the solution you’ve been looking for. Skip the lengthy traditional sale process and get a fair cash offer for your home without paying any seller costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can a cash homebuyer close on my property?

We can close on your home in Plattsmouth in just 7-14 days because we’re locals. We can come out for an inspection ASAP and meet you at a local title company to close as soon as you’re ready. It’s a lot faster than traditional home sale closings, which take up to 3 months!

How can I locate a reputable cash homebuyer in Plattsmouth?

You found one! We’re locals and always treat Plattsmouth homeowners with fairness and respect. We make our best cash offer upfront and treat sellers with respect, honesty, and transparency. We even try to beat existing offers! Learn more about Helling Homebuyers here.

Will a cash homebuyer buy my Plattsmouth home as-is?

Yes! We pay cash for Plattsmouth homes in any condition, whether your house is already in good condition, needs a little work, or requires substantial repairs. We buy houses as-is and fix them up on our dime after the sale to make the process easy for homeowners.

What does the phrase “We buy houses in Plattsmouth, NE” mean?

We buy Plattsmouth homes in any condition with cash, taking on any needed repairs, cleanup, or renovations ourselves. We remove all the usual seller costs, like closing costs, repairs, and agent commissions, to ensure a fast, easy 4-step cash sale that costs you nothing.

What’s different about selling to a cash homebuyer vs. traditional home sales?

Cash homebuyers like Helling Homebuyers offer an easier way to sell your home for cash without putting it on the market, finding and paying an agent, making costly repairs and renovations, waiting for offers and haggling with buyers, or waiting 2-3 months to finally close.

You’ll get our best cash offer upfront after a quick inspection. We’ll pay cash for your home as-is and take on the repairs and cleanup on our dime. We come ready to buy with cash in hand, so we close quickly in just 7-14 days! Here are the ways we’re different from using an agent.

Do you buy land and hunting ground in Plattsmouth?

Yes! We pay cash for land in and around Plattsmouth, whether it’s treed or semi-treed. Right now, we’re really looking to buy between 30 and 100 acres of semi-treed land that’s within an hour’s drive of the Omaha metro area.

Do I need to get an agent to sell my property to a cash homebuyer?

No! You don’t need to use an agent to sell your home to Helling Homebuyers. In fact, without one, you’ll save around $12,000 on a $200,000 home! We’re Plattsmouth real estate experts and can guide you through the sale with ease, even paying 100% of the closing costs.

Some Plattsmouth sellers may want to work with an agent anyway, and that’s alright with us! Just note that you’ll have to pay your agent a 6% (or more) commission out of the final sale price.

How do I know that the cash offer for my Plattsmouth house is fair?

You can determine if your offer is fair with an agent consultation, a home appraisal, or our detailed offer breakdown. We’ll show you the formula and factors we use to calculate your cash offer so you can see how we determined the price for your home. 

Our offer will be lower than what you could sell your home for if you paid to fix it up, stage it, and put it on the market for a few months. But we offer a faster, easier way to sell with no cost to you (no repairs, no closing costs, no agent commissions). Do what works for you!

Am I responsible for closing costs when I sell to a cash homebuyer?

No! We cover 100% of the closing costs when we pay cash for your home. We believe that selling your home fast and stress-free also means avoiding the usual seller costs, like closing costs, repairs, and agent commissions. It’s part of our philosophy!

What does the term “Plattsmouth cash homebuyer? mean?

You’ve likely heard the terms “we buy houses Plattsmouth,” “sell my house fast Plattsmouth,” “we buy houses Plattsmouth NE,” “cash home buyers Plattsmouth,” “home buyers in Plattsmouth,” “Plattsmouth homes for cash,” “sell my house fast Plattsmouth,” “Plattsmouth homes for cash,” “quick property sale in Plattsmouth,” “quick selling house,” “selling house quick,” “sell my house Nebraska,” “how can I sell my house quick,” “sell my house for cash Plattsmouth,” or “sell your property fast in Plattsmouth Nebraska.”

Each of these terms refers to what we do, which is buy homes for cash. We make it easy to sell your house in Plattsmouth fast without going through the traditionally laborious process of finding an agent, listing the home, undergoing pesky negotiations, and then waiting for the buyer to obtain financing.

What are the benefits of selling to a cash homebuyer instead of using an agent?

The benefits of selling to a cash homebuyer like Helling Homebuyers are selling your home fast as-is (no repairs, cleanup, or remodeling) for cash, avoiding listing and showing your home, getting a fair cash offer without waiting or haggling, and closing in 7-14 days instead of 2-3 months.

How are you different from the other companies that buy homes in Plattsmouth?

We’re different from other Plattsmouth homebuyers because we’re locals that have been in your shoes. We don’t think you should have to struggle to find a fair offer, so we make it easy by giving you our top dollar offer upfront, trying to beat any existing offer you have, and closing in under 14 days.

We don’t cold call or hassle you to sell if you’re not ready. We just make a fair cash offer and let interested homeowners come to us through our website when they’re ready to get cash for their home.