About Andrew

I’m Andrew, a former Nebraska-licensed real estate agent, property manager, and the founder of Helling Homebuyers. I began my real estate journey as an intern at a local property management firm while attending the University of Nebraska at Omaha before graduating with a degree in finance and banking and working for both commodities and stock trading firms.

After realizing that finance wasn’t for me, I went back to the same property management company to get a first-hand education in property investing before starting a digital marketing company that invests in authority sites (aka digital real estate).

Using my experience in marketing and property management, I founded Helling Homebuyers with the goal of diversifying my portfolio into hard assets. I use my digital marketing skills to find and connect with property owners that need to sell their homes quickly and offer them a hassle-free solution to rid themselves of their troublesome properties.

When I’m not helping property owners, you’ll find me flying, biking, or traveling with my family and dogs. While I love a simple beach vacation, I also enjoy being outdoors in the fresh air of the mountains.